Nymphomaniac wet cunt

  • 13 Apr 2017, 01:37

But von Trier doesnt entirely trust the power of his words either, punctuating Joes narration with cheeky diagrams and generic stock footage, often to humorous effect. By contrast, Nymphomaniac feels curiously devoid of psychological interpretation, rejecting Seligmans pet theories on that front, while also using the dialogue between these  characters to preempt charges of misogyny.

Though Martin could conceivably be mistaken for a young Jane Birkin, shes a bit of a stretch as an early version of Gainsbourg, showing few of the tomboyish qualities of the stars teenage years, to the extent that one wonders why von Trier didnt ask. As an onscreen disclaimer makes clear from the outset, This film is an abridged and censored version of von Triers bigger, longer and uncut edit, which is said to run five-and-a-half hours. Its one thing to declare sex a fact of life and insist that audiences confront their unease at seeing it depicted (or, equally constructive, their intense excitation at its mere mention but quite another to fashion a fictional womans life around nothing but sex.

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